About Us

 The difference being that every component we make at betd is intended to improve the mountain bike it was designed for. Betd has built a solid reputation for quality, innovation and value for money. Our engineering skills and design capabilities show in the products we produce. Here at betd we are not just another on-line bike shop buying cheaply, in bulk from Asian or eastern block countries. We make our own mountain bike components, from our own designs. The products we make are innovative and make a difference to the performance of cycles. Many of our upgrade items, rear suspension for instance, have had a major effect on the way new bikes are now configured. 

Some time ago we obtained Goldtec Cycle Products, who produced a well known quality range of products. This acquisition solidified our position in the market place as a serious manufacturer of first class mountain bike products; the depth of our customer base confirms this. Betd has an excellent reputation for quality engineering, making many components for other manufacturers in the cycle industry. Betd are one of a very few companies who have the capability to produce, on site, virtually anything our customers require.