Max Compliment Bearings

The term MAX is a trade mark for full complement bearings. These bearings share he exact same grade 10 balls as the standard 2RS bearings but without the retaining cage. This gives extra space inside the bearing to add more balls versus the caged 2RS bearings. The Max bearings have a 40% greater load capacity versus the caged 2RS bearings. Suspension pivots are the perfect application for Max bearings because they have a high load capacity and limited rotation. Max bearings also differ from 2RS bearings because they have a high contact dual lipped labyrinth seal. This basically means the seal has 2 lips, these fit into a matching groove on the inner race of the bearing. The outer seal is tasked with repelling contaminants such as mud and water. The inner sealing lip simply retains the marine quality grease keeping everything spinning smoothly. The nature of the application means a good quality bearing must retain the grease and keep contaminants out. The Max bearing is widely regarded as the best bearing available on the market for suspension pivots because of its superior sealing and load capacity.

  • These bearings have more balls in contact, making them stronger.
  • They look the same from the outside but there are more balls on the inside.
  • They sometimes have MAX on the seal, after the number. They are mainly used in Cycle pivots or high load area's
  • All bearings come as a pair