Bespoke manufacture

If you have a special requirement, speak to us we can quickly give you an idea of the costs involved for special projects. We have helped many people in the past to achieve their aims. Some have been riders who have had a simple idea that has cost next to nothing to achieve and others have literally spent thousands of pounds with us, almost building a complete prototype bike from scratch in the process. 


Experience gives us the edge

Because of our engineering expertise we have been able to develop innovative products to improve the efficiency of many mountain bikes. All our parts are designed with attention to detail, they have to work and they must look good, this gives many of our products a “must have” factor. What ever the requirement, we can, and do, make or modify it. This service is offered by only a hand full of companies within the cycle industry and we believe that our depth of experience is second to none. 

Inhouse development

We have computer aided design and manufacture facilities to help with the complexity of some of the parts we make. We are able to develop new products or one off items that may start as simple sketches, an idea in someone’s mind, through to manufacture with the help of our computer equipment and technical know-how. We only use the best quality materials. Cutting costs on materials does not pay dividends.