iceBike* Show 2019


It’s that time of year again when bike shows make their kick-start for the new year ahead.

The iceBike* show 2019 has been designed for leaders in the bike industry to be excited about what they do and how they can successfully take their next steps as a business. iceBike* has been created to ‘inspire, motivate, refresh, stimulate and reinvigorated you and your team.’

What to Expect at the iceBike* Show

At the show, it is about more than just your products. Of course, products are what make your business and what makes the show, but at iceBike* you get to meet the brains behind the business. This helps business owners get a better insight on products and brands as well as meeting new connections.

This year’s bike show will include practitioner, Alf Dunbar. Being educated on how to sell with confidence is key, which is why you and your staff will be taught. Mark O’Dolan will also be there, located in the ‘demi store’ for one to one assistance on visual merchandising tips. On top of this, there will be technical training sessions given by Calvin Jones from Park Tool.

There is a business area where visitors can have private conversations aimed at specific business needs and for any training required. Questions will also be answered by the senior management team about the business, the market and even to provide more information on Shimano’s global strategy, as well as this year’s addition on how you can become part of the Freewheel Retailer Union.


When: Tuesday 19th February – Thursday 21st February 2019

Where: Stadium MK – Milton Keynes

In a nutshell, the aim of the iceBike* show is to educate you and your team on how to sell more, grow and learn how to communicate with your customers, so we suggest turning up. You could learn more than you bargained for!

Photo Credit: iceBike*