Bank Holiday Biking

Bank holidays are a great time to enjoy biking, whether it be on the road or across some trails in the mountains we want to tell you the best places to get the most out of your biking for the rest of the bank holidays this year!


The routes we’re going to be looking at are exclusive to the UK since it’s going to be pretty difficult to go to America to do a bike trail and get back for work all in one bank holiday! Some of these routes are going to be closer to you than others and we’re going to try and spread them all out so that people across the UK have an accessible location to ride.

Nan Bield Pass

Located in the Lake District and famed for its adrenaline inducing descent, this trail is a challenge for the most experienced biker and it is truly impossible to not enjoy the descent that will follow your tough ascension. The landscape is impeccable and if you have the time to ride this trail then we highly recommend you do so.

Kinlochleven Ciaran Path

This is one of the most respected trails worldwide, located in Scotland, this trail is considered one of the greatest scenic trails that a mountain biker can tackle. There are numerous trails in Scotland but this one is recommended so frequently for its balance in challenge and beautiful scenery.


Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales and boasts the highest point in the whole British Isles. With that in mind the trails here are: tough, exhilarating and scenic. Two trails are located here and the first is one that we recommend only the most experienced of bikers tackle and that is Ranger Path. An incredibly difficult course that you’ll get the most out of in Winter, you’ll want to let the family know where you’re going before tackling this trail.

The final trail is Rhyd Ddu, also located at Snowdon this trail has a climb that is challenging since it’ll take you to the highest peak in Wales but rewarding since you’ll get to enjoy a scenic descent that is borderline relaxing. Both trails on this gargantuan mountain are challenging and completing either of them is something you can feel free to brag about after!

A Final Word

The bank holidays are a fantastic opportunity that we recommend any biker takes to experience a new trail. All the aforementioned trails are brilliant but the main thing is taking this rare opportunity to get out there and get biking! If equipment is holding you back we’ve got you covered, check out the components section of our site here to get your hands on all the equipment you could possibly need.