Best Bike Racks for Cars

If you’re looking to go away this summer, you are probably looking at different bike racks. It’s not as simple as it seems, whether you’re a new or experienced cyclist.

Individuals need to make sure other motorists are able to see the registration of the car. As well as deal with other unexpected potential costs such as lighting and maintenance.

On top of this, there are many other factors to consider such as how often will you be travelling with bikes? What type of bike? How Many bikes? Heavy or lightweight?

Seems stressful, right? But don’t worry, here’s our advice on bike racks – made easy.

Types of Bike Racks

There are three main types of rack carriers. The rear mounted bike rack which clips around the boot lid, a roof mounted bike rack which is attached to a set roof bars, and finally, a tow bar mounted bike rack that can be fitted onto a tow bar.

Rear Mounted Bike Racks

The great thing about rear mounted bike racks is that they are the least expensive of the 3 choices. They can be attached to the back of your car with a set of straps. This rack allows you to carry up to 3 bikes and is ideal for occasional use. There are no hidden costs which means you do not need to buy additional roof bars or tow bars.

The downside to this option is the vehicle fitting is very specific, so you need to be sure to buy one that fits your vehicle body type. These types of bike racks can not be secured by padlock, so the rack can be removed from the car. You well may need a lighting board so that your lights and number plate are visible.

Tow Bar Mounted Bike Racks

Bike racks can be attached to a tow bar; these can also tow a trailer or a caravan. The great thing about this is it can carry up to 4 bikes and some models come with a lighting board attached. As well as the roof being left clear for other loads, some models have the capability to tilt out of the way, for easier access to the boot. The rack can be locked to the car and the bikes to the rack, making it more secure and reassuring for users.

Roof Mounted Bike Racks

Roof mounted bike racks are great for roof storage. Individuals will need to purchase on roof bars to fit this kind of bike rack. Roof mounted bike racks allow you to fit 4 bikes on the roof of your car or a couple of bikes and a narrow roof box.

Bikes are secured and most racks can be locked. Another perk is that the boot is still accessible and the cars lights and number plate will still be visible. Each rack can hold an approximate weight of 15kg but check this against your vehicle roof carrying limit and bars.

Recommended Bike Racks for Cars

Rear Mounted Racks

Saris Bones 3 Bike Rack – £120.00 –

Jetblack 3 Bike Boot Rack – £73.99 –

Rear Low Mount Cycle Carrier – £49.00 –

Tow Bar Mounted Racks

Maxxraxx 4 Bike Voyager Easyfix – £295.00 –

Thule RideOn 9502 2-Bike Towball Carrier – £149.99 –

Halfords 4 Bike Tow Bar Cycle Carrier – £143 –

Roof Mounted Racks

Thule 598 ProRide Locking Upright Cycle Carrier – £84.99 –

Exodus Roof Mount Cycle Carrier – £50 –

Peruzzo Lucky2 Roof Fitting 1 Bike Rack – £19.99 –