Betd’s Top Destinations for Europe Cycling Trips

Christmas has flown by in a hurry and the January blues are settling in, which is why Betd have previewed some top destinations for European cycling trips to help you look forward to the summer.

Lake Garda, Italy

Combining breathtaking scenery – from olive trees, mountain sides and the dazzling lake – with one thousand kilometres of cycling trails around the breadth for the area, Lake Garda is a dream come true for cycling enthusiasts who want to indulge in the Italian countryside.

From the medieval fortress at Riva del Garda to the Rocca di Garda with it’s 250m outcrop, Lake Garda is also an ideal cosmopolitan holiday destination, with a variety of water sports to choose from, delicious food in local towns and swathes of vineyards and olive groves to explore.

Graubünden, Switzerland

150 valleys, 615 lakes, more than 1000 mountain tops and over 4000 km of mountain biking routes – no matter your preference or skill on a bike, you’ll find the route you need in the composed gorgeous Alpine landscapes of Graubünden.

Mountain bikers, family riders, e-bikes and those with a taste for extreme sports will find themselves well catered for with plenty of variety in the available trails. Make sure you carry your camera around with you at all times – the greenery and mountainsides will make enviable holiday pics.

Dolomites, Italy

Limitless options, a plethora of customisable routes, enjoyable ascents and descents into lush green valleys, the Dolomite Mountains are an active and unique outdoor experience. One of the most beautiful mountain landscapes on Earth, it’s an unparalleled location for hiking, biking, climbing and skiing (if biking isn’t enough for you!)

There are plenty of hotels and mountain inns to accommodate you and the family, the ‘crown jewel of the Alps’ will take your breath away with panoramic landscapes and moderate to challenging rides galore. If you need help or any information, there are plenty of friendly guides and residents happy to advise.

The Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley is diverse from mountain scenery, idyllic rustic regions to the unique Chateaux of the Loire Valley. It’s ideal for history lovers, the 42 chateaux happily filling up your to-see list, and the renowned French roads couldn’t be more accommodating for cyclists.

There are a number of bike routes that follow the entirety of the river Loire, as well as others that take a diversion into nearby towns, mountains and the sprawling surrounding scenery.

Elbe Route, Germany

One of the most popular European cycling routes, the Elbe is Germany’s second-longest river and voted the number one for cycling tours in the country. The Elbe flows from out of the Czech Republic, leaving you with an option to start in the beautiful city of Prague before following it to the sandstone outcrops of the Saxon Switzerland National Park.

The route runs through Elbe valley, passing through unique rock formations and past Dresden’s Semper Opera House and the Church of Our Lady. You can glance at towns such as Wittenberg and Dessau, be rewarded by Hamburg and travel through riverside woodland and the Altes Land orchards.