Bike Components Explained

For those new to cycling or modifying bikes, understanding the mechanical makeup of the bike can be confusing, but better understanding the bike components can help you to ride better and look after your ride, protecting your investment and extending its lifespan. BETD manufactures and sells a range of bike components for mountain, road and gravel bikes and so have outlined what each vital part does below.


Hubs are a central part of a bike’s wheels and are in both the front and rear wheels. They connect to the rim of the wheel with spokes and the axel goes through them. This allows the wheels to spin freely between two sets of bearings which help the weight distribution to stay even by slightly weighting the axel.


Bearings come in many styles and sizes based on the type of bike they are installed on but are typically circular and contain an inner and outer ‘race’ which is lined with ball bearings and a seal to hold them and the grease in.


Chainrings makeup part of the drivetrain and are responsible for driving the chain from the crank to the rear wheel. They come in single, double or triple designs based on each bikes individual gearing and ensure that the force exerted through pedalling makes the wheels roll.

Shock Bushes

Typically made from rubber or polythene, shock bushes help to absorb shock and control the amount of movement in the joints of a bike. They help to reduce friction and reduce wear and tear on other mechanical parts. As they absorb shock they do start to degrade over time and will need replacing.

For more information about bike components or to purchase those listed here and many more, visit the BETD website.