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At BETD, we manufacture British made bike components. We are one of a very few companies who have the capability to design and manufacture on site in the UK, Stoke-on-Trent. BETD has over 20 years’ experience in this industry, so we are confident you will find the right gear hanger model with the perfect fit for your bike. Not only do we have our extensive range of gear mech hangers, but we also have a range of bearings, fork seals, hubs, chainrings, shock bushes, and many other components. These are all suitable for MTB and road bikes; with a few focused on track and BMX.

Derailleur Hangers

All of our derailleur hangers are made from 6082 T6 aluminium in a CNC machine and come in a black anodised finish. Not to mention we have the largest range of mech hangers in the world, supplying over 400+ different derailleur hangers. Whichever bike(s) you may have, we guarantee we have the right hanger for you.

Our hanger dropouts offer great durability, superior strength and amazing shifting. Made from only the best material, BETD’s derailleur hangers are a game-changing upgrade from standard cast hangers.


Why not check out the new additions to the derailleur hanger family?

Derailleur 427:

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Derailleur 425:

Derailleur 424:

Derailleur 423:

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We manufacture Middleburn chainrings, cranks and spiders. We offer a different range of colours, sizes and models, that will suit your bikes needs as well as yours!

BETD bought Middleburn in September 2016, after the news that Middleburn were closing their doors. Kate, Managing Director of BETD, shared our excitement with a statement: “We are delighted to be able to keep the Middleburn brand alive. We shall manufacture and continue the supply of many of their iconic products. We will also be able to increase their availability through our existing online store and growing trade accounts.”

Two successful years later, we have kept the Middleburn brand alive and some of its renowned chainrings, crank arms and spiders.

The full press release and additional information can be viewed here:

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Bike Components

Although we have a wide range of derailleur hangers, we do have a selection of hubs, axles, bearings, chainrings, shock bushes, fork seals and more!


Bike hubs are a central part of your bike’s wheels, both at the front and rear. The hub connects to the rim of the wheel via the spokes, through which the axle bike is fitted. This allows the wheel to freely spin on two sets of bearings.

Are your wheels rough when you spin them? That’s a good indicator of whether your bike hubs need servicing or replacing. It is also a good step to understanding what part they play on your bike.


Our axles are precision machined with high-quality material, to a size of 142mm. This means they are made to fit certain specifications that have been put in place, so naturally, they are extremely well fitted for their purpose. They also offer a crisp black anodised finish providing customers with a robust and stylish product. The retail price of the axles is just £35 which is incredibly reasonable given the useful features they offer.


Bearings replace the traditional four component assembly with a sealed unit that is one singular piece of equipment. Cartridge bearings consist of an inner and outer race with a retainer holding the balls in and two seals that hold the grease in. You can fit them by pressing them into the bore, E.G. a hub or frame pivot. If the bearing wears out or starts to feel gritty, you can remove them easily for replacement.


A chainring is what drives the chain or belt from the crank to the rear wheel. Middleburn offer chainrings from singles like the UNO and MONO, the doubles such as DUO, to the evergreen triple sets as seen on older mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes and tandems.

The chainring bolts directly to the crank like the UNO fit chainrings or to the spider, due to the legs or mounting positions for the chainring itself.

Shock Bushes

Shock bushes are rubber or polyurethane cushions that help absorb road shock and to control the amount of movement in the joints of your bike. Similar to bearings, their role reduces both friction and the extent of wear between two materials. When shock bushes start to degrade, there are a couple of obvious signs, such as the rattle of the shock on its mount and a noticeable loosening in your suspension.

For more information on our components, visit the BETD blog. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to email us at or call us on 01782 563415 and we will be happy to help!