Commuting to Work

If you’re one for commuting to work by bike, or are thinking of starting to cycle to work, then this blog post is for you. We will be talking about what cyclists need to ensure a safe journey on the road to work.

Clothing to Wear

If you are commuting to work in the early hours or late evening, wearing reflective clothing is essential. This is so motorists can identify you in the dark.
If you are cycling in daylight, then wearing bright coloured clothing can catch motorist’s attention.

Protective headgear is crucial. So it is important that you invest in a sturdy helmet that will protect you in case of any accidents.

A change of clothing is necessary if you have a long journey to work. The last thing you want is dirt and sweat affecting your attire! You can carry your change of clothing in a backpack, which is conveniently worn as you cycle. But we can’t promise your shirts will be crease free!

Other options you may want to consider is bringing your clothes to work the day before. You can even bring your clothes for the week, ironed and hung, with you in the car on Monday morning. It will save you hassling during the week.

You can leave a pair of work shoes under your desk so there’s one less item to carry in your backpack.

If you have a long journey, you may want to consider buying some cycling shorts to make your journey more comfortable. You can read reviews on the best road cycling shorts on the link below.


By law, all cyclists should have a red rear light and a white front light. This is to attract attention in the dark and to avoid collisions with motorists.

Cyclists can be fined for not having adequate lighting on their bike. It is worth spending some money on a good set of lights that have a few years warranty to keep your back covered.

Cycling Weekly have listed some of the best-selling lights for bikes, the article can be viewed at:

Good Commuting Bikes

From Hybrid, to mountain, folding, electric and road bikes, it is essential to select the right bike for your commute.

Hybrid bikes seem to be the ideal solution for individuals who want to commute to and from work. This is because they have a great mix of being a standard road bike and mountain bike, making it a comfortable ride over most surfaces. Hybrid bikes can be purchased online from many retailers.

Folding bikes are a winner for those whose commute has a train ride in the middle. These are convenient for jumping on and off trains, as well as being able to store them under your desk at work from bike thieves.

Electric bikes are efficient for commuting faster with less effort. The motor on electric bikes kicks in as soon as you start to pedal, which results in less manpower being used. This doesn’t mean you can stop pedalling or go zooming down roads! The motor usually stops when the bike reaches a certain speed. Electric bikes are also more cost effective to run in terms of recharging the battery and annual service charges.

Road bikes are a popular and convenient hit for those that ride to work during the week, alongside leisurely riding on the weekend. This is just because individuals are putting their bike to good use. The tyres on a road bike are perfect for evenly paved and tarmacked roads, which makes any uneven floor unsuitable for this bike.

If you’re new to the world of bikes, it is suggested that you go into store and test before you buy.


Looking after your bike is a number one priority. A few things to look out for is inspecting and replacing your bike chain, replacing brake pads, checking the headset and tyre pressure.

If you want to maintain your bike yourself, you should invest in a brush set, cleaning products such as degreaser, lube and relevant tools such as a chain checker, Allen keys, track pump and torque wrench.

Your workplace should provide a space for you to lock your bike and keep it safe during the day. But it is advised that you try to keep your bike in a sheltered area to keep it away from adverse weather conditions that could affect the paintwork, rusting of the frame and so on.

Commuting to Work Essentials

Be sure to pack a water bottle with you, whether rain or shine, because it is essential to keep hydrated. Energy drinks can also be consumed, but it is recommended to drink these as well as water.

Consuming foods such as bananas, peanut butter sandwiches, trail mix, gels and energy bars before you cycle is beneficial for an energy boost. These sources of carbohydrates, potassium, protein will allow muscles to work efficiently.

Remember your bike lock! You never know when a bike thief will strike, so always be safe than sorry by securing your bike with a heavy-duty bike lock that can not be easily cut into.

Investing in a rainproof (high-vis or bright coloured) jacket and rucksack will go a long way. This will prevent any damages to any clothes or electrical items you have in your backpack when the weather isn’t looking so great.

Wet wipes and dry shampoo will be a great shout if your workplace does not have showers. This will help freshen you up, ready for the working day.