Cycling Abroad: Things to Consider

If you have explored as much of the UK as you want to see on two wheels or simply plan to cram some cycling time into a family excursion, you will need to be prepared for the occasion. From carrying spare rear mech hangers to packing your bike away correctly, let’s recap some of the finer points to consider before your cycle abroad.


Pack Your Bike in A Box

If you have never ventured abroad with your bike before, you may be wondering how to transport your vehicle. Fortunately, the solution is simple as all you need is to pack your bike in a bike box by following the instructions found online. There are several videos and articles that can guide you through a step-by-step tutorial that ensures your parts and bike are protected. Often, you will be told to begin by removing the rear mech hangers, and so on.



Carry Spare Parts

As a seasoned cyclist, you will know that being prepared pays. A bike is not just a singular object: it is a vehicle made up of many parts. As such, having spare rear mech hangers and puncture repair kits on hand for when you are in a foreign environment is wholly worthwhile. Since you already know the quality of BETD components, it is better to carry high quality spare parts than to be faced with additional expenses and risks while you are abroad.

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