Cycling Safety in Summer

Now the clocks have moved forwards and the daylight hours are longer, many of us are eager to make the most of warming temperatures and get out on the bikes more. Whether you’re riding in the evening after work or spending your weekend cycling in the hills it’s vital to be prepared and carry emergency supplies with you. Whatever your discipline, we’ve listed the essentials that every rider should carry on a summer cycle.


As a supplier of MTB parts, we know the importance of carrying spare parts on a ride. Even if your bike is well maintained and cared for when you’re riding in public you are at the mercy of the terrain and sometimes this can result in accidents or breakages that affect the bikes handling or stop a ride altogether. Carry a range of spare parts, focusing on those most likely to get damaged. These include the derailleur hanger, tyres, innertubes and brakes, so carrying additional MTB parts or road parts is a must regardless of whether you’re riding on tarmac or trails.


If something does go amiss and you end up having to replace MTB parts at the side of the road, you’re going to need some basic tools to replace or repair components. We always recommend carrying a tyre pump and a basic multi-tool. At the bare minimum, you should have a tyre removal tool, an Allen key, a wrench, chain breaker and a screwdriver.

Cleaning Gear

This one might seem unusual but carrying some basic cleaning gear can help you get out of a jam. Even though the weather is typically more favourable in summer, it wouldn’t be a British summertime without some downpours and if you get caught in one, mud, dirt and debris can clog up your cassette, erode your chain and just stop the ride from running smoothly. It’s worth carrying a small brush to loosen and remove debris when out and about as well as some rags and grease.