Does My Bike Need Servicing?

Many people aren’t aware of the signs that their bike could be due a service and with winter just around the corner, it’s more important than ever to check all mountain bike parts are in full working order or you could end up stranded in the dark, cold countryside with a breakage. There are some obvious and some more subtle signs that your bike needs some attention, which we have outlined below:

Loose Chain or Hardware

A constantly slipping chain or some loose feeling hardware is a sure sign that your bike is due for a service. It could mean the parts simply need cleaning and refitting, or it could signify that something more sinister is going on and that some replacement mountain bike parts are necessary to keep the wheels turning.

Screeching, Clicking or Squealing

If each time you squeeze the breaks, they let a high-pitched cry of resistance then this is a good indication that the pads are sitting on the rim. Clicking and screeching from other areas of the bike, however, can indicate that there’s a lack of lubrication or some tightening of spokes is required for a smother and quieter ride.

Derailleur Hangers

You may not even notice that your derailleur hanger has snapped until you come to service it or check up on it when it falls apart. Order some spare mountain bike parts from BETD and replace your derailleur hanger if it has snapped, or if it is showing signs of wear like rust, movements or fading.

There is Visible Rust

If you can see visible rust on any of your mountain bike parts, then chances are its also in the cracks, joints and hidden areas that need mechanical smoothness to work optimally. This is a sure-fire sign that you’ve left bike maintenance too late and you need to get it booked into a service.