The Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have become a huge trend. There are different models, all with different features, some electric bikes have throttles and others are pedal assisted. Electric bikes will give you the push you need, but with most bikes, once you hit 15mph the motor stops and the manpower comes from the cyclist.

At BETD, we have closely examined the pros and cons of having an electric bike. Alongside this, we have created a list of bikes that are suitable for different uses and needs. to help you decide whether an electric bike is the right option for you.


  • Helpful on hills – the battery is used to help give you extra power when riding uphill.
  • Great for those that experience knee pain or asthma, e-bikes are easy on the joints, unlike traditional bikes.
  • Overall improvement in health and fitness.
  • E-bikes fight the wind which makes it easier to ride in adverse weather conditions.
  • Cheaper than running a car – Although maintaining a bike can be expensive, it’s still cheaper than maintaining a car, this includes fuel consumption, insurance road tax and MOT.
  • No licence is needed to ride an electric bike which makes it easier and more convenient.
  • These bikes are healthier than motorbikes – Being environmentally friendly means that there is less pollution.
  • Quick charging times – You can charge your bike from a normal socket which costs pence, unlike fuel which costs pounds. This also allows you to charge your bike battery whilst you are at work.
  • E-Bikes are harder to steal as they are heavier and some of them require a key for them to be operated.
  • You will dodge all the peak time traffic at a constant speed of 10-15mph.


  • Expensive – e-bikes usually start at around £1000, which is double the price of a standard bike. So, it is better to weigh up whether you’ll be using it often and where you will be using it.
  • Weight – e-bikes are heavy, weighing almost 50 pounds, which makes them harder to store and to pedal uphill if your bike runs out of battery. The weight also contributes to experiencing flat tyres more often.
  • They are louder than traditional bikes.
  • Battery replacement can be costly, as well as buying bigger batteries that last for longer journeys.
  • Maintenance costs – replacing motors, batteries and controllers can work out to be quite expensive.
  • Pedalling is still required and it is less of a workout than a traditional bicycle.

Affordable Electric Bikes

Coyote Connect

This bike comes in at a perfect budget-friendly price and is great for short commutes. It has 3 levels that can assist with up to 30km of cycling. It is suggested not to cycle up big hills when your bike is running near the end of battery life, as it shuts off when the battery is close to empty.

Price: £500, from

Emu Crossbar

The Emu Cross Bar e-bike is both sturdy and affordable. This hybrid e-bike is a stylish and an attractive option. The bike will last up to 80km on the lowest setting and with the smallest battery, 10.4Ah. The largest battery that can be purchased is the 13.6Ah, which will last up to 100km, but costs an extra £200. Adding to the convenience, the bike has a built-in USB port so riders can charge their phone whilst on the go.

Price: £999, from

High-End Electric Bikes

Cube Agree Hybrid C:62 SL Disc Electric Road Bike

The Agree Hybrid C:62 SL is an electric road bike and offers a ‘quiet revolution in road biking.’ This bike boats a Shimano Ultegra 2×11 speed transmitter which is fully removable. Hydraulic disc brakes can be added for a reliable stopping distance in any weather.

The bike has rigid 12mm through axle dropouts, which assists with the efficiency of drivetrain and accuracy with steering. Carbon forks filter out vibration, not to mention that the design of the geometry puts comfort first, which lets cyclists ride for longer.

Price: £4,499, from

Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Comp 6Fattie

This Specialized electric mountain bike is great for off-road cycling, alongside street cycling. The battery and motor are built into the frame, which is more convenient than having detachable parts. This e-bike is sturdy and weighs 23.3kg, not to mention it has great battery management.

There is a Mission Control app which allows cyclists to tell the app the distance they are travelling and how much battery cyclists want at the end of their journey. The bike then adjusts itself to the electrical help it will provide users through their journey. Clever, isn’t it?

Price: £4,250, from

Commuting Electric Bikes

Apollo Transport E Electric Folding Bike

Our best findings for commuting e-bikes is the Apollo Transport E Electric Folding bike is affordable and convenient. This smart bike gives you the power you need as well as being foldable for any commutes that have a train journey in the middle.

It has a 317Wh battery that gives cyclists up to 20 miles of power-assisted pedalling, which goes up to a speed of 15.5mph. The bike has a Shimano gears with a selection of 6 speeds and is also an affordable choice.

Price: £500 from

Brompton Electric

Voted as a ‘Best Buy’ from the Independent, this e-bike folds up and has the same experience as other Brompton bikes. The battery is integrated into a bag, which is then clipped to the front of the bike, from where the motor drives the front wheel.

This bike is great for commuters as it folds and is less likely to be stolen because of convenience. This e-bike can be recharged within 3 hours and is a comfortable ride for all.

Starts from: £2,595,

Best E-Bikes of 2018

Juicy Roller E-Bike

Great for value for money and commuters, this E-bike is fitted with a near-silent motor and is smaller, lighter and more powerful than other bikes in the Roller range. The Juicy Roller E-bike promises to multiply cyclist’s effort on pedals, which results in more power. Making cyclists commute more enjoyable.

Price: £1585, from

Infineum Extreme

Infineum bikes in general have a stackable battery system, which allows cyclists to add extra batteries for a greater range. Each battery allows an extra 25-33 miles, which weight 1.8kg each. The batteries sit in the luggage rack above the back wheel, making them less noticeable than other conventional bikes.

This e-bike is built with a throttle that lets you ride without pedalling. The handlebars have a backlit display that shows the speed and battery strength. The Infineum Extreme offers great comfort and has extra features that are beneficial for riders.

Price: £1,493.99, from