Extend Your Adventures with BETD Shock Bushes

Hula Hoop

When you’re out, feeling the full force of your biking adventure, whether that be on challenging mountain terrains or canal-side trails, the last thing you want is for your bushes to give way. This issue is the reason we’ve developed our durable, top-quality shock bushes that we know to last approximately 3 to 5 times longer than the standard DU type bush! Combining the new Hula Hoop Bush with stainless steal reducers, you can elongate your time adventuring, and minimise that spent on the all-important maintenance of your bike.

The benefits of fitting our shock bushes are clear, and while our shock bushes outlive the standard OEM fitted parts, you might be wondering why? All in all, it comes down to the sheer quality of materials we have to offer. Our shock bushes being comprised of high-grade stainless steel, and self-lubricating nylon. These elements won’t just last longer, they’ll improve the overall ride whilst restoring your vehicle to its former glory.

In some cases, you might need to repair your bike when out and about. This summer, as well as our shock bushes, BETD recommends taking a look at other MTB parts where you will be able to find a variety of stocked essentials, as well as carrying a basic multi-tool set and tyre pump. Should you ever need them, our site also offers extra Hula Hoop Bushes for your shock bushes.

By carefully customising your bike with our shock bushes, you will create a more elegant machine better ready to perform at its peak.

If you’re interested in improving the overall quality of your mountain bike and spend more time riding, you can get in touch through the portal on the product page.