Key Mountain Bike Parts for Beginners

Everybody has to start somewhere when it comes to new hobbies and for those looking at getting into mountain biking, there’s a lot to consider. By nature of riding over rough terrain, through forests and on trails, mountain biking comes with some high and lows, the highs being the thrill of the ride and the lows being falls and damaged mountain bike parts. Don’t let the latter put you off though, many MTB riders also enjoy the mechanical side of the hobby, getting to know the intimate parts of their ride and enhancing them to make it even better. We’ve put together a guide on mountain bike parts for beginners!


The term ‘crank set’ is used to describe the levers that attach the peddles and the chainrings together, ultimately translating the force of your pedalling into the movement of the wheels. The crankset has bearings inside of it which help with the weight distribution and ensure smooth pedalling. The crankset, chainrings that push the chain round the cassettes on the rear wheel, all receive the most force from the rider, which can result in wear and tear and so regular maintenance is key. This is the most challenging part of the bike to enhance or repair, but with a little Youtube and perseverance, it’s also the most rewarding!


Some mountain bikes have a front derailleur hanger, which is only used in conjunction with double and triple chainrings, which helps to move the chair up and down the gears. All bikes have a rear derailleur hanger however, that works in the same way in that it uses cables connected to the gear lever to move the chain up and down the cogs while you are moving. Whether these mountain bike parts are located at the front or the rear, they contain screws that can be tightened to make the gear changes more efficient. These parts often require maintenance as again, they absorb a lot of force and have lots of moving parts, resulting in faster wear and tear than other components.