Summer Cycling Essentials

Summer has arrived! And so BETD have rounded up the summer cycling essentials you will need to keep yourself energised and sheltered from the sun.

Sun Screen

One of our top summer cycling essentials is sun screen, it’s a must! SPF protects you from being sun burnt and keeps the overall health of your skin in better condition. It also protects you from any pollution you will stumble across as you cycle. Banana Boat® have a range of affordable sports sunscreen that is water and sweat resistant, so be sure to check them out.


The best foods to eat to keep you energised throughout your bike trip are energy gels, dried fruit (raisins especially), and high GI isotonic energy drinks such as GU Brew, Torq Energy, HIGH5 Energy Source and USN Enduro Carbs, which can all be purchased online.

Keeping Hydrated

The typical individual is supposed to consume 2 litres of water every day. For those who cycle, their water intake is increased to 3 to 4 litres dependant on how much cycling is done. Keeping hydrated is important as it helps with how cyclists perform, so be sure to get that water in!

Protective Gear

Caps and sunglasses are essential for this type of weather to prevent heat stroke. Not only do sunglasses protect you from the sun, but it protects you from any dirt entering your eyes when cycling. Half fingered gloves will help with ventilation, as well as grip and preventing blisters on the palms of the hands.

A lightweight and breathable helmet is crucial during the summer months, not only for protection, but for comfort too. If it’s raining, you can always wear a cap underneath the helmet.

What to Wear

Last but not least of our summer cycling essentials is appropriate clothing.

A base layer that is light and sleeveless is essential. If you haven’t got a sleeveless base layer, then customise your old base layers by cutting holes in the relevant places.

Be sure to choose a jersey that is made from thin and light fabric. If your jersey has mesh panels, do not forget to wear sun screen to prevent sunburn.

For more comfort when cycling, wear a low bib. This allows skin to breathe and well as keeping shorts in place when cycling.

Light vs dark material can be debated. But light/white coloured clothing has been proven to keep you cooler in the summer months.

Wearing short socks is ideal for the warmer weather. But even in the warmer months the mornings tend to be slightly cooler, so wearing arm and knee warmers will keep you warm until the temperature rises.

Happy cycling!