Top 4 Signs Your Bike Needs a Service


During the winter your bike has a tough time – grit and grime is washed up from the road and when it gets cold salt spreading can corrode components. You can avoid any negative effects from all of this by looking after your bike, and maintaining it regularly.

If you’re unsure on what to look out for, below are a few signs your bike may benefit from a service:

1. Braking is difficult

Your brakes are one of the most important things on your bike. They should be prompt, easily and quickly bringing you to a halt when needed.

However if your cables become drawn, the space between your brake pad and rim full of grit and dirt (don’t worry – we don’t blame yourself for not cleaning a bike after a dark, cold, wet ride!) and your brake pads well-worn and jaded, brake quality and speed will be affected.

2. Too much noise

The bearings in your bottom bracket are not meant to last forever and over time they will become worn and need replacing. If you start to hear a creak or unexpected clicking as you pedal, or if your cranks will easily move around or change position, it is highly like that you need to replace your bearing.

The good news is that BETD stock a huge selection of high-quality and affordable replacement bearings online – all of which will get you pedalling smoothly in no time.

3. Your wheels are no longer perfectly circle

Your wheels are often hard done too – they consistently carry your weight, take a beating from potholes, rough roads and debris and suffer hard blows from jumps and other tricks, which means it’s now uncommon for your wheels to buckle, meaning they don’t run straight.

Therefore, its hugely important to keep an eye on your wheels. Don’t put it off forever – the longer you leave a service once your wheels become misshaped, the more likely the rim will become inappropriately worn and the entire wheel will be lost.

4. Whilst on the topic of wheels, your tyres need to be checked too…

If you notice you are getting more and more punctures, it may be time to treat your bike to some new tyres this Christmas, your tyres are likely worn out and need replacing.

Check your current tyres for nicks and tears and sharp objects embedded – this a good start. If the tread is in an acceptable condition it’s worthwhile removing any fragments or glass, however if the tyre is visibly worn down – it’s time to invest in some new boots!