What are the benefits of community cycling?

There are numerous cycling events on the British Cycling website, with the ‘Let’s Ride’ section promoting both local and nationwide cycling events. The parameters of who can join in on the rides are broadly encompassing and it stands as a great idea to get back on your bike after you’ve fitted your replacement bicycle cranks and derailleur hangers in your latest maintenance check.


Meet New People…Who Enjoy Cycling!

If you’ve recently moved to a new part of the UK, community cycling events can be a great way to meet like-minded people who enjoy the same hobbies you do. Many avid mountain bikers’ and overall cyclists ride solo as a force of habit but cycling as part of a group can introduce you to new friends that want to participate in the exact same pass-time as you.


Effortless Fitness

If you went into 2022 looking to increase the hours you spend on your bike for the added fitness benefits it brings, you are not alone. Many other people have the same list, and it has been psychologically proven that exercising with another person helps to maintain the momentum needed for results to come into fruition. If you are taking part in a community event where sight-seeing and record-breaking are the main focal point, you won’t even notice all the exercise you are doing as it will become an effortless by-product of partaking in an activity you enjoy.


Refine Your Bike

One important thing to remember about getting out on your bike more throughout the year is that your bike parts will need to be tended to more regularly, from replacement fork seals to bicycle cranks etc. Fortunately, high quality components are just a few clicks away and your search to find a replica should be spread out over a period of time (depending upon your cycling activity). Regular maintenance checks should be a part of your bike hobby anyway, as it allows you to keep your bike in top shape for better rides.

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