Which Road Bike Crankset?

Road bike cranksets, or as they are sometime known, chain sets are made up a few parts. Cranks, bottom brackets and chainrings form the drive train which is responsible for all of the movement of the bike. As with all bicycle components, there are many variations of crankset and determining which one is the right fit, depends on the type of riding you do. Road cycling typically benefits from lightweight, hardwearing components that have long lifespans and can withstand miles and miles of riding before requiring maintenance.

Single, Double, Triple

Cranksets for road bikes are often have single, double or triple chainrings depending on the needs of the rider. Single chainrings can simplify the drivetrain and make it more reliable but can limit gearing ranges which can cause problems with step terrain or long rides. This style is best suited to beginner road cyclists who will be cycling infrequently across easy terrain.

Double chainrings in a road bike crankset are the most common type and are th best ‘all-rounder’ suited to modest climbs, mixed terrain and longer rides, as the gearing can be stepped up compared to single sets.

Triple chainrings are traditionally used by riders who stick to fast rolling surfaces like tarmac or by those who are more into downhill riding.

Middleburn Cranksets

BETD manufacture and stock a variety of road bike cranksets by trusted brand Middleburn. Renowned for their precise engineering and aerospace quality aluminium, these components are durable, lightweight, hardwearing and embody everything required by a road bike crankset. As premium suppliers of specialised mountain bike components, BETD can supply whole crank sets or the separate parts including chairings, chainring bolts, spiders and spacers.

To shop our full range of road bike cranksets visit our shop here. Alternatively, if you need some help finding the right part, get in touch with us at info@betd.co.uk