Why Autumn is a Great Time of Year for Off Road Biking

Photo by Starling Cycles and Dave Price Photography

Every cyclist knows you have to be prepared for extenuating circumstances, with weather sitting at the top of the list of things to consider. A number of people cycle in the spring and summer months but only real enthusiasts take their off road bike out on the trails when it proves a tougher ride. For a dedicated rider, we think Autumn is a great time of year to be a off road bike enthusiast, be it on an off road bike or Gravel.

Less Trail Traffic

Ultimately, you want the ability to cruise along at whichever speed you like at the time, unhindered by incoming traffic. In summer, you would be hard-pressed to find a trail in which you are the only cyclist – particularly at peak times, but in the colder months of the year, you incur greater freedom.

Great Scenery

Autumn is a particularly aesthetic month. There is something really calming about cold winds barely registering as you shoot by on your bike, with fallen leaves making a satisfying crunch underneath your wheels and the sight of oranges and yellows empowering you in your mindful off road biking pursuit. In all the exhilaration, you will de-stress and learn more about yourself as a cyclist as you have to navigate often wet and muddy terrain against a picturesque sunset backdrop.

Before you set off on the trails, ensure you have prepared your bike for the new season. Check your drivetrain: do the chainrings and chainring bolts need to be replaced? Has dirt accumulated on the chainring? Make sure you clean your drivetrain prior to any further riding in the rainy Autumn months as you will only add more debris that will cost you if left untouched.

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