Why Bike Riding Should Be Your Resolution in 2021

If your new year’s resolution this year was to try a new hobby, be more active or get back on you bike, we can think of five good reasons why you should follow through and get those wheels rolling in 2021!

Boost Your Mood

January can be depressing at the best of times of the year, with the joy of Christmas long forgotten, dark nights, cold weather and not a lot of distractions. Especially after such an uncertain year in 2020 and with the ongoing Corona Virus situation still affecting day to day life in 2021, having something to help boost endorphins and get you outside can have a monumental affect on mental health, with exercise shown time and time again to boost the mood.


While there isn’t much socially happening at present, riding your bike is permitted and even under the strictest measures exercise is encouraged. The great thing about riding with friends is that you will always be at a safe distance from one and other giving you a good opportunity to go out and catch up with a friend, with at least a bikes length between you.

Be Healthy

Everyone knows that regular exercise contributes to a healthier and stronger body which is fundamental to living a longer, pain free life. Not only is being fit and healthy beneficial to most areas of life, but it can also give you more stamina, strength and endurance meaning you can enjoy riding for longer periods of time and will see yourself progress more quickly if you practice regularly.

Lockdown Prep

With so much more uncertainty ahead in 2021 and the likelihood of lockdowns and local restrictions remaining in place being high, many of us may have to prepare for long periods of time quarantined or stuck inside and so there is no time like the present to get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

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