Why Cycling will Increase in Popularity

It goes without saying that we are bike enthusiasts at BETD. The catharsis of doing some bike DIY for the optimum ride, the freedom you feel, like tackling the trails with two wheels and the endorphin rush of finding the right mtb bearing from UK manufacturers is unmatched. It has come to our attention that an increasing number of people are becoming accustomed to the same privileges cycling brings, whether that means adopting a road bike for commuting to more women choosing the thrill of mountain biking, so let’s explore why cycling will only increase in popularity as the years go by.


Climate Conscious Society

Lots of people who choose cycling as their preferred mode of transport cite carbon footprint reduction as a primary motivating factor, and up until current times, this has always been a niche personal choice. In the twentieth century it was seen as a left-field alternative to owning your own car but now the effects of global warming are becoming hard to ignore, the incentives for cycling will increase in frequency and impact.


More Cycling Strategies

Initially beginning in 2017, the UK government launched the latest cycling and walking strategy to improve the health of people and the planet earlier this year. The detrimental effect on air quality caused by emissions from cars and buses etc. has been solidified by decades of research, with poor air quality affecting the mental and physical health of the public. By increasing the number of cycle lanes and educating everybody on road safety, the government are continually investing in ways to encourage the number of cyclists to rise. As more marketing is put behind cycling strategies such as this, cycling for both practical and recreational purposes will become normalised across the UK.


Cycling Protection

It is commonplace for people to take good care of their vehicles because they rely on this mode of transport in their everyday life, but as the number of people getting on a bike rises, the need to maintain bike parts will increase in tandem. As a responsible and forward-thinking company, we provide essential components to protect cyclists on the road and help bike enthusiasts optimise their ride with our large collection of derailleur hangers and UK-manufactured mtb bearings, plus much more.

Contact the team today if you need any help deciding on the perfect part for your particular bike or seek our expertise in which part would be best for you.