Winter Tyres for Road Bikes


Winter is dawning on us and the last thing you want to do is fix a puncture in the snow. We’ve put together some of our favourite road bike tyres that won’t fail you this winter.

What to consider

  • Make sure that the winter tyres you’re looking for have a deep tread, this helps squeeze water from under the tyre.
  • Check that the winter tyres have a protective sheet under the tread to help prevent sharp objects from puncturing the inner tube.
  • Size of the tyre – the bigger the carcass is, the more are you have between you and the road. Which results in an unlikely event of having a puncture because the inner tube is protected.
  • The compound of the rubber plays a good part in preventing punctures. A soft compound will have a lot of grip but will wear quicker and have a high rolling resistance. Hard compounds wear better but are more slippery and are fast rolling. But you can find tyres with dual

Winter tyres

Specialized Roubaix Pro – £29.00

These tyres have bead-to-bead Endurant Casing, which is a lighter material than Kevlar and Nylon. Not to mention it is paired with BlackBelt technology, meaning a strip of woven material runs under the tread.

Schwalbe Durano – £38.95

The Durano 700C Folding Road Tyre had a dynamic tread that has been designed for high mileage riding. The tyres have a dual compound which gives optimum grip, even on rainy days and through the winter months.

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season – £54.99

This is a great option for being resilient to tears and punctures whilst keeping comfort and speed intact. These tyres are made from a good rubber compound which means it performs well in wet weather.

Vredestein Fortezza Senso Xtreme Weather – £46.99

These tyres have a lightly patterned tread, along with a compound that has been designed to ride in wet weather. If that wasn’t good enough, these tyres offer full protection which is created by a polyamide layer which protects the whole tyre, preventing punctures. The only downfall is that these tyres weigh 246g.

Schwalbe Marathon Racer – £31.99

These bad boys are great for very poor-quality roads or for those that commute by bike. They have a thick tread and have strengthened sidewalls which are embedded with a reflective strip and dynamo track.

Need extras?

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