Your Bike Maintenance Calendar for 2021

A new year has arrived and whether you got a new bike for Christmas, have promised yourself to get back in the saddle, or never left then looking after your ride properly is the key to keeping the costly repairs down and enjoying your time on the bike. Whether you’re a road rider, gravel rider or mountain bike rider, we’ve established a calendar of maintenance to keep too to get the smoothest rides out of 2021.


When we say daily, we don’t mean literally every day, unless of course this is the frequency at which you ride. Checks should be carried out before and after every ride at the very least and these consist of:


  • Check pressure in tyres and inflate if necessary to recommend PSI
  • Check brakes and cables for damage
  • Ensure crank set is tight
  • Be sure that any quick release hubs are tight


Inspect Tyres for any glass, gravel shards or cuts on the tread or sidewall

  • Clean the mechanical parts of the bike as necessary, removing dirt and debris and once a week lubricating the chain


Every month a more rigorous check of the bike components should be undertaken which involves:

  • A full clean of the bike and the drivetrain
  • Chain and freewheel inspection, checking that the links are tight and there is no damage
  • Lubricate brake levers, derailleurs and all cables
  • Inspect tyres for wear and tear and replace if necessary
  • Check all other areas for looseness and tighten up crank bolts, chainring bolts, handlebar bolts and seat post


Once a year you should disassemble and overhaul the entire bike, replacing all bearings and removing and replacing brakes and shift cables. However, if you are a regular mountain bike rider and your bike gets dirtier then these overhauls should be done more often, perhaps twice annually.