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BETD stock a large collection of Bearings and we often get questions about them so this blog is going to focus on our bearings collection!

What is a Cartridge Bearing?
A common question we get asked is “what is a Cartridge bearing?”. A cartridge bearing refers to a bearing that can be removed from a bicycle and replaced into the given component. They replace the traditional four component assembly with a sealed unit that is one singular piece of equipment. Cartridge bearings consist of an inner and outer race with a retainer holding the balls in and two seals that hold the grease in. They are fitted by pressing them into the bore ie- a hub or frame pivot. As the bearing wears out or starts to feel gritty, they can easily be removed for replacement.

What do the Numbers Mean on a Bearing?
This one is nice and simple. For example, 6000 is the bearing series the size of the bearing is 10x26x6, we stock with “2RS” at the end of the number which you can see on our website. The 2RS simply refers to the amount of rubber seals that are on the bearing.

What type of bearings do BETD offer?
We offer a fantastic amount of bearings with specifications that are heavily sought after and prices that blow the competition out of the water.

One of our most popular bearings is the Enduro LLB Type, rather than the standard two rubber seals the LLB Type uses nitrile rubber with a steel insert. It rides in a groove making a labyrinth seal and has a groove placed in the inner race allowing it to rotate! The outer lips are designed to keep out water whilst the inner seal is brilliant for retaining grease which will be helpful for longer rides. The double lip type seal provides light contact.

The similarly named Enduro LLU Type is another fantastic bearing. Full level contact from the double lip type seal and similarly to the LLB Type rides in a groove creating a labyrinth seal which improves the sealing pressure. We recommend this bearing to people who stock pivots or headsets that are prone to dust and dirt

Finally, is the brilliant Enduro Max Type. This is a full compliment bearing which means there are more balls in the cartridge, this allows a load that can be up to forty percent higher. They do not spin as smoothly as retainer bearings that we stock and this makes them perfect for suspension kits. High impact waterproof grease is packed into these bearings meaning they can perform for up to three times longer than other bearings! We also offer this bearing in black oxide which will make it even more resilient against corrosion.

You may have noticed that all our bearings are made by Enduro, this is because they stock the largest range of top quality cycling bearings. Their huge range means we use them for all our hubs and frame bearing kits.

A Final Word
And that’s bearings! If you’re interested in purchasing bearings you can visit our bearings page. Our superior quality and genuine rubber sealing’s make our bearings amongst the best on the market!

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