BETD and Middleburn

It’s certainly been a busy year, and BETD are proud to finally have popular Middleburn components in production and available for purchase!

A staple of British cycling from the 90s onwards, bicycle component manufacturer Middleburn are known amongst high mileage riders, custom bike builders and enthusiasts, for their chain rings, crank arms and spiders.  Middleburn’s products have a great reputation, early pioneers of the two-by (nine, back then!) movement. They’re home to a wide variety of products for mountain bikes, road bikes and tandem.

In August 2016, Middleburn went into voluntary liquidation and ceased trading, closing its doors for the last time. With Middleburn’s sterling reputation and British engineering, at BETD we felt it was the right move for a complete buy out, purchasing the stock, designs, drawings and more.

What challenges did we face?

As with every acquisition, we faced a few difficulties here and there, with some particular unique roadblocks slowing down the reintroduction of Middleburn products: almost no stock of certain popular items, having to check drawings to see if they were right and suitable for future use, many products (such as chainrings and cranks) in various states of finish. Even now, there are plenty of machinery and components that BETD are still sorting through!

Our plans for the future

Though it was a hard task, the response has been overall positive throughout the whole process. BETD are determined to keep the production going, continuing to supply sought-after components, manufactured to the exacting standards that customers expect. We’re working with all existing products, such as cranks, chainrings, spiders, unos, mono, compact 11/10 speed, etc.

Plus, we aim to add new products to the portfolio backed up by first class customer service. Production is being set with a view to adding to the range of products in order to appeal in the current trends in cycling. We aim to move forwards in making the Middleburn production a little more focused, with no decrease in the quality they’re renowned for.

Check out the Middleburn category for our available products and of course feel free to contact us with any enquiries you might have.

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