BETD Emergency Kit Advice

It’s always wise to be prepared in the event of a ride gone awry. Here at BETD we’ve tried to offer a helping hand with our tips for creating an emergency cycling kit to take with you while you’re out and about. A lot of these might seem like common sense but it’s better to be overly-cautious than stranded with very little options.

What should you bring with you?

Pump - It goes without saying that this is probably the most vital bit of kit you can carry with you to help mitigate against any punctures or tears. Depending on how you feel about convenience, it’s worth deciding whether a mini-pump or one with a longer barrel. Though the former might be easier to fold and carry with you a larger pump is much more effective and quicker, particularly if there are multiple punctures.

Inner tube & patches - Absolutely vital - there’s no point in taking a pump with you if you haven’t got anything to cover those punctures! Always carry at least one spare tube with you and make sure the length and width are the right fit for the tyres. Take some patches with you too, it’s better to be over-prepared than stranded with a flat tyre.

Tyre levers - Make life a little bit easier for yourself and bring along a pair of tyre levers. Instrumental when you need to remove a flat tyre off the rim. Make sure to take care if putting the tyre back on with the levers! It’s too easy to damage that new inner tube.

Replacement derailleur hanger- The little piece of metal by the rear dropout which holds the rear mech is essential. If this becomes damaged or snapped, although your frame will have been saved, your ride will definitely come to a premature end. This is particularly common in cyclocross riding. Carrying a spare mech hanger is a simple way to ensure you are never kept off the trails and luckily, with over 400 different types of hanger, BETD Components can help if you’re searching for a replacement derailleur hanger.

Multi-tool - A bit obvious, but you can never doubt the handiness of a multi-tool to help tweak and adjust any issues on your bike. Choose a multi-tool with a selection of items: an allen key, a chain breaker, screwdriver and torx heads. You can count on them to get you out of a pinch if you’re miles away from home.

Mobile phone - No one wants to admit defeat but sometimes a situation can get too out-of-hand for you to handle by yourself. Make sure your phone is on full charge before setting off and that your emergency contacts are easy to find and call. Plus, the GPS can help if you’ve found yourself off track. Power banks can also be useful for ensuring you’ll always have plenty of battery life!

Have any essentials you recommend for an emergency kit? Post a comment below and let us know!

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