Boardman Hangers

If you’ve paid our websites hanger collection a visit recently then the chances are you will have come across our brand-new hanger for the Boardman Team 29er or “hanger 418”. This blog will focus on this fantastic piece of equipment and hopefully enlighten you about how we have managed to form the largest hanger collection in the world!

The Boardman Mech Hanger
As is the case with all hangers in our collection the Boardman hanger is crafted with Aerospace Grade Aluminium, a durable material that is built to enhance the performance of your bike. The thing that sets this particular hanger apart however is some minor tweaks. A black anodized finish is always a great start combined with the fact it is CNC machined and designed to be more fit for purpose than previous Boardman models makes this hanger a hot topic for any biker!

The BETD Mech Hanger Family
Our hanger collection is the largest in the world boasting a crazy 400+ mech hangers. Because of our vast experience we offer a 100% fit. Our mech hanger offers superior strength, shifting and durability. For popular frames we do offer the custom service to get you rolling again and help us broaden our range. Years of this helpful process have led to us stocking a hanger collection so large that you quite literally can’t find anything like it anywhere else in the world!

A Final Word

Feel free to send us a photo your own hanger if you can’t find yours on our website and we will happily identify it for you. We are always looking to add to our range with popular frames that we do not currently produce. If you want to put this process in action the first step is to get in touch so visit our contact page and we will create your hanger and add it to our ever-increasing collection just for you!

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