How To

  • Getting your Bike Ready for Spring

    Posted in on 20th March 2019.

    Today marks the first day of spring, so we thought we’d dedicate this week’s blog post on how you can get your bike ready for spring. Whether you’ve been riding during the winter or not, we still suggest you do these few checks to make sure you’re all ready and raring to go. Back to Basics: Rinse off any salts, sand and grime that may be lingering on the bike/tyres with a hose (using low-pressure water). Check your tyres to see if they a...

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  • Maintaining your Bike

    Posted in on 16th January 2019.

    Photo by Paul Hadgett Maintaining your bike can require some effort and manpower, but lucky for you it requires no skill. Buy the right equipment and you can maintain your bike yourself. This means saving some money all year round, as well as extending the life of your bike. Cleaning Products Cleaning products are the first essential you will need. Giving your bike some TLC helps it ride better as well as extend bike life. Investing in some goo...

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  • Buying a Used Bicycle

    Posted in on 2nd January 2019.

    If you’re thinking of buying a used bicycle but don’t know where to start and what to look for in a used bike, then don’t sweat, because we have rounded up a few top tips on how to make sure you’re buying the best-used bicycle for yourself. Where to find a used bicycle? Small ads in newspapers and magazines. See if your local bike shop offers used bikes. Use Facebook pages and bike forums such as the Single Track forum. Use the internet ...

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  • Signs that your bike needs servicing

    Posted in on 19th December 2018.

    Some people aren’t aware when their bike needs servicing. Now that winter is dawning on us, it is important to check that everything is in working order, as nobody wants to be stranded on a dark and cold winter’s evening. We’ve helped by putting together some signs to give you a heads up to when your bike will need servicing. Here are some of the signs: The gear shifts are not smooth - It is a relatively intricate system, so as you can ima...

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  • How to: change your bike wheels for winter

    Posted in on 5th December 2018.

    Winter is officially here, but so are we with a ‘how to’ on changing bike tyres. Everything you need to know is below. You’re welcome! First, remove your front wheel To do this, you need to open the front brake calliper’s quick release, you can usually allocate this where the cable enters the brake. Follow by flipping the wheel’s quick release lever and unscrew the nut that is at the other end, until the wheel is loose enough to come of...

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