Singletrack Editorial – BETD and Middleburn

As some of you may know issue 112 of 'Singletrack' has just been released. This issue includes a feature on BETD and Middleburn, which focuses on the work that we do behind the scenes and boasts a few little gems about our team and even some photographs to accompany the article.

We hate to toot our own horn but we think it’s a pretty awesome article full of information about ourselves and Middleburn. The article has lots of valuable information about our huge hanger collection as well as our manufacturing process. Not only this but you’ll be able to see some of the incredible finishes on Middleburn products which you don’t want to miss!


Okay so the article can be accessed through a variety of routes. You can go through twitter here, whilst you’re there you can follow our page and know first-hand when a new issue of Singletrack is released! You can also find our article through Facebook here and like our page to see when we post new content such as blogs and the occasional photo of the team. Lastly you can follow the link here which will take you straight to the article! We hope you enjoy reading our article as much as we enjoy working to provide the content that goes into it!

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