Essential Spares to Carry When Riding

Regardless of which sort of cycling discipline you are from, there are some essential pieces of kit that you’ll need when out on a ride, that help ensure you’re prepared for an unexpected breakage or a fall. Whether you’re new to cycling or just haven’t been out on the bike for some time, we’ve put together a guide on all the spares you should consider taking on your ride which can arm you against any potential emergency.

A Spare Derailleur Hanger

Not many people realise what a crucial part of a bike a derailleur hanger is, but they protect the bike frame from damage by absorbing the impact and snapping. Most bikes have a standard cast derailleur hanger fitted to them, but these do tend to snap quite easily and so even on newer bikes, the risk of breakage is still quite high. Always carry a spare derailleur hanger in case of a breakage, as if you’re far from home you don’t want to be walking back with your bike!

A Spare Innertube

Punctures are just part of the parcel of riding a bike and are hard to avoid but can be disastrous for long distance riders. Just like if your derailleur hanger snaps, if you’re far from home and without either a spare innertube or a puncture repair kit on hand, you’ll be forced to cut your ride short and walk back. Riding with a flat is simply not an option, as this can further damage the wheels and the braking system, costing you further down the line.

Tools and a Pump

It goes without saying, but if you do have to carry out roadside repairs to a derailleur hanger or your innertube, then you’re going to need some tools on hand to help the process along. A multi tool is always a good thing to have on standby or failing that a selection of hex keys and spanners. If you do need to replace the innertube, you’ll also require a pump to inflate the tyre and get back on the saddle again.