GT Retro Scene

Here at BETD we not only make hangers and parts for current bikes but we also produce components for the GT LTS and STS range of bikes. These iconic bikes, once very popular in the late nineties and early 2000s, featuring the Horst Link suspension system, are now finding a new lease of life with the ever-growing retro scene. Owners are refurbishing their bikes with our precision made bearing upgrade kits, allowing them to ride these bikes long after many, many other brands have gone to mountain bike heaven.

The LTS and STS feature pivot bearings, which BETD redesigned and then manufactured to very high tolerances, providing not only improved performance but also a much longer life too. Made from materials such as 316 and 303 Stainless Steel, these parts easily retro-fitted into the frames with no modifications and instantly transformed the bikes, making them feel like new again.

The quality of the GT frames, especially the alloy LTS, has meant their popularity and availability of parts keeps them appearing on our orders from all over the world, but none more so than in America and Germany. The retro scene and desire for quality bikes and parts are the main reason we keep selling them.

Currently we make parts for the pre-96 and 97 onwards bikes with all but the front and rear of linkage being the only two parts that are not used on all the bikes. Common parts being the Main Bearing, the Horst Link Kits and such parts as the Trunnion Travel Chips. It is only the front and rear linkage kits that we need to know the year of before ordering, however this information is easily available on the internet or forums like You’ll find useful and helpful advice from members who have had parts supplied by us and can offer their knowledge and guidance over what to do if you find a tired old frame that needs some TLC to restore it to its former glory.

The beauty of the LTS and STS design is it works really, really well, even compared to modern suspension designs. In fact, some still use this “basic” design with success and are very well received by the cycling press and riders worldwide.

So, if you find some old GT LTS or STS or currently own one and want to bring it back to life, please check out the dedicated GT section on our website for all your biking needs.