How To: Measuring for Replacement Bearings

We believe that every component of your bike should give brilliant performance, which is why we stock such a large range of Enduro bearings. This often-overlooked component is essential to a smooth ride and so we have collated an extensive range of diameters and widths suitable for most bike models, with MAX, 2RS, E Type, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, and more in stock.

Plus, on our site you can shop by suitable MTB bearings, road bike bearings, and gravel bike bearings. However, that’s all of little use if you don’t know which bearings you need. So, find below our step by step guide to measuring bearings – with image references! These images use a Vernier caliper but a standard ruler will also get the job done.

Measure OD: Outside Diameter

Measure ID: Inside Diameter

Measure Bearing Width

Alternatively, your bearing code can be found on the seal or side of the bearing. However, these sometimes disappear with wear and tear, so ensure you take note of the bearing code when you receive one.

Pictured: Enduro MR1526 LLU ABEC 5 and 6805 LLU Max Enduro Bearing.

Or, to make this even easier, we’ve collated hundreds of frame bearing kits for various popular bike models. These kits come with every bearing you need to kit out your bike or have spares on hand. When bought together, our frame bearing kits offer a fantastic discount with competitive prices and FREE delivery.

If you’re still uncertain about which bearings you need, send us an email at for help and advice.

You can shop the BETD site today for these fantastic frame bearing kits or for other custom components and upgrades.