The BETD Mech Hanger Collection

Hangers are an essential part of any bikes safety system and this blog will focus mainly on why our hangers are the very best on the market.

What is a Mech Hanger

Chances are you know exactly what a mech hanger is but we’ll provide a small description anyway. The mech hanger is attached to the rear axle of your bike, it is designed specifically to absorb impact that would otherwise be focused on your frame.

Our Collection

We offer an extremely vast range of mech hangers, in fact we actually have the largest stock of hangers worldwide. This is because so many bikers use a different hanger for their bike so stocking a significant amount allows us to always be able to offer you what you’re looking for, you have over 400 hangers to choose from in our range. If on the off chance your hanger is not in our collection get in touch with us and we can advise you which hanger would suit you or even custom make you a product if necessary since we love to see our range expand!

Why You Need to Invest

Every single one of our hangers are CNC Machined from certified aerospace grade aluminium and have been for over 18 years. Over these 18 years our knowledge has naturally broadened and we consider ourselves near expert level when it comes to hangers, because of this we offer our customers a 100% fit guarantee to go with your durable and flexible product.

A Final Word

We pride ourselves on both our quality and quantity of hangers. If you need a mech hanger then you have most certainly come to the right place, don’t hesitate to browse our huge range here and get in touch if you can’t see your own hanger!