The all new 142mm axles – why you should invest

Our Collection

The 3 different sized axles within our range are for the spacing between the dropouts. The axle width diameter is a 12mm bolt through, which gives a stronger and more secure fit to the bike. We currently offer 135mm axles, our standard 142 mm axles and will soon be adding 148mm axles to our collection.

Why are we writing about them?

They have a variety of unique features that make them far crisper and useful. From the development process to the production they are pretty unique. Of course, we continue to sell the 135mm axles for those who require them.

What makes them unique?

Firstly, the 142mm axles are precision machined with high quality material. This means they are made to fit certain specifications that have been put in place so naturally are extremely well fitted for their purpose. They also offer a crisp black anodised finish providing customers with a robust and stylish product. The retail price of the axles is just £35 which is incredibly reasonable given the useful features they offer.

A final word

The axles we offer are a fantastic purchase for any mountain biker and if you’re looking to upgrade on your current axles then look no further than the BETD collection!