The Benefits of Middleburn Components

Middleburn components have been around since the 90’s and BETD acquired the brand back in 2006, when the company was set to go into liquidation and we’ve revived their name and have been selling their specialised bicycle components ever since. To this day, they are one of our most sought-after product names and we stock everything from their valve caps to their chainrings, making them accessible to all levels of bike customisers and a range of riding disciplines. So, what makes Middleborn Components so in demand?

Tried and Trusted

As we said before, the Middleburn brand has been around over 25 years, and has been a tried and trusted brand for the duration of it’s lifetime. As one of the first brands to get behind the two-by-nine movement, they were seen as pioneers in the singlespeed and trial chainring development, making them one of the go to companies. Today, BETD still use that same innovative approach when developing Middleburn components ensuring that we pack in all the tried and trusted elements that you can rely on to smooth out your ride.

British Production

Unlike many specialised bicycle components, you can find online, all of our Middleburn components are manufactured right here in the UK, which means they are made to exacting manufacturing standards that the industry is obliged to uphold. This means that compared to other countries manufacturing guidelines, we can produce a higher quality product, made to a high level of accuracy and can keep our prices low because we don’t need to pay to import.

Best Materials

All of our Middleburn components are made from 7075 T6 aluminium which is aerospace grade metal. By utilising such a quality grade of material, we ensure that the products we produce are hardwearing, durable and a good investment for your bike.