The Ultimate Stocking Fillers for Cycling Fanatics

Cycling can be an expensive hobby, so buying your cycling-fanatic friends and family bike gifts will always go down well. If you’re in search of small, good value and thoughtful gifts for the cyclist in your life, you’ve come to the right place.


A safety essential and perfect for the long winter nights and mornings, a new bike light is a great gift to keep cyclists on the road all year round. There are several options available, however lights with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are a cost-effective and energy efficient stride forward.


An expensive part of cycling, clothing can be complicated in itself, depending on your specifications and the time of year.

Layering is an important trickto keep yourself warm in the colder months so a polypropylene or fleece or a breathable, reflective  jacket with a lot of length is a good idea. Consider waterproof socks or waterproof gloves that have a mitten adjustmentso you can keep your fingers close when riding, still functional if you need to use your finger. Or maybe a balaclava style mask? The options are endless.

Food & Snacks 

A perfect little stocking filler, food and snacks can keep a cyclist energised throughout their ride. Our advice would be to avoid bars, which tend to come hard in winter, and consider gels as a perfect alternative.

Lots of stores do multi-gift sets, plus you could always create your own cycling-perfect Christmas hamper with lots of goodies inside!

A spare mech hanger

Perhaps not the most glamorous gift, but nonetheless useful, a spare mech hanger can guarantee thanks when a cyclist finds themselves with a snapped hanger in the rain and cold.


For the cyclist who enjoys riding alone, the perfect playlist can be critical. Help them out with secure grip headphones that allow a cyclist to hear much-needed noise from the rode and pedestrians.

A music voucher or gift card for services such as Spotify or Google Play Music can make sure that the tunes can keep flowing!

Activity tracker

If you feel like spending a little bit more then consider an activity tracker. There are many out there – some just measure heart rate, others track distance, speed, other gym activity and even sleep.

Turbo Trainer 

If the cold and snow is just too much to bear – a turbo trainer will allow your friend to keep up their fitness levels and train at all times. Have a look around at a varying scope of prices.

If in doubt, a gift card for a local bike shop is always a good idea! These are available from BETD – email us at to arrange.