Get in Gear – Summer Road Bike Components Essentials

Whether you’re a year-round rider or just a fair-weather cyclist, one thing that we all agree on is that
summer provides some of the best road cycling conditions. With longer days, less rainfall and with
any luck, a bit of sun and some warm temperatures, it’s the ideal climate for rolling through the hills
and chasing those personal goals. We’ve put together the foolproof guide to summer cycling
essentials that will assist total beginners as well as experienced riders, in getting the most from their
summer rides.

Pick the Right Jersey


Even though the weather does tend to be dryer and warmer in the summer, Great British weather
patterns are well documented in their unpredictability. While you might want to confidently take out
a cool, long-sleeved jersey in hope of some scorching days, It’s important to remember that you may
need to take something waterproof with you, just in case. For Jersey material, we recommend
something made from a technical fabric that can keep you cool and sweat-free, whatever the

Sun cream

While preparing for the worst weather is always advisable, it is also good to take some supplies for
the best. With hotter days and longer rider, road cyclists are more likely to get burnt, particularly
when they are riding through open stretches with minimal shade. Make sure to pack both sunscreen
and sunglasses to help protect your skin and eyes from sun damage.

Extra Parts

Hotter road surfaces can make tyres softer over long periods of riding, which leaves them more open
to punctures, rips and tears. It’s always a good idea to carry spare inner tubes but it can also be wise
to carry a range of extra bike components like a derailleur hanger, valve caps and other components
prone to wear and tear.

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