How To Send Us A Good Bike Part Picture

At BETD, we are here to empower your rides with the highest quality components and an array of delivery options to ensure you receive the bike component you need at just the right time. We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing components for mountain and road bikes so when we refer to our team of ‘experts’, we are speaking literally.

Our BETD and Middleburn parts are manufactured in the UK; Stoke-on-Trent. Impressively, we are one of the small number of companies who manufacture our precision CNC machined parts on-site. We are proud members of British engineering and committed to innovation, so in addition to stocking a varied collection of components for MTB, road and gravel bikes, we also offer a service where you can send in a picture for us to guide you as to the right component you need.

A large proportion of our customer base are already bike experts, however there are always times when you need a second opinion or you encounter a part you haven’t previously had to replace. It is in these moments it would be beneficial to send in a picture of the part you want to be replaced. Before you use this service, peruse our tips for the perfect photo using your smart phone, (Android or Apple) or PC, the first time around:

  • Medium-sized files and images work best
  • Make sure the image is clear
  • Use the enquiry box to tell us your exact query and any relevant information
  • Include as many images as relevant – but one or two should suffice!

All you have to do is attach the file after you have told us some basic contact information and explained how we can help you, and we will get back to your promptly. At BETD, we are committed to an efficient turnaround to get you back on your bike as soon as possible, so following these tips will help us to help you.

If you have any further information or general queries you would like to be answered by a member of our team, contact us today.