Exploring the World of Gear Hangers

Although gear hangers may seem like small and inconspicuous bike components, they play a critical role. With their job of maintaining smooth gear shifting and the overall performance of your bike, these often-overlooked parts ensure your biking experience remains a good one. Here at BETD, we offer a wide variety of high-quality gear hangers for an extensive range of bike frames.

The Role of Gear Hangers

Gear hangers, also known as derailleur hangers, mech hangers, or dropout hangers, are designed to connect your bike’s rear derailleur to the frame. As they are designed to break or bend, they prevent damage to the more expensive bike frame in the event of a crash or impact. Proper alignment of the rear derailleur hanger is also crucial for smooth gear shifting – a bent or misaligned hanger can lead to poor shifting performance, chain skipping, and even damage to the drivetrain.

Inspecting & Replacing Gear Hangers

To keep your bike in top shape, make sure to follow the steps below:

  1. Regularly Inspect: Check your hanger for signs of damage or bending. A visual inspection can prevent issues before it begins to impact on your ride.
  2. Proper Installation: When replacing a hanger, ensure that it is aligned correctly, as misalignment can lead to shifting problems.
  3. Carry Spares: For avid riders, carrying a spare mech hanger on long rides or in remote areas is a wise precaution. BETD offers a selection of reliable derailleur hangers for this purpose.

Gear Hangers from BETD

At BETD, we offer a wide selection of gear hangers designed to fit various frame styles and brands, including Boardman, Cube, and DMR Bikes. Browse our collection today to ensure your bike’s optimal performance and smooth gear shifting on every ride. If you’re unsure about selecting the right hanger for your bike, speak to our experts for guidance at [email protected].