Get Prepared for Summer

In the UK, we are very unlikely to see consistently hot temperatures all throughout the most traditionally sunny months of the year. Fortunately, cycling is a sport in which wet weather can often be enjoyable if you like the challenge of muddy terrain on a gravel or mountain bike, but weather of all kinds does effect your mountain and gravel bike parts differently. Get ready for cycling in the summer season with our top tips and observations.


In summer, you might want to swap to different bike tyres as some cyclists decide to use slicker tyres as they are faster, and they don’t need as much grip in the drier months. For those on a road bike, this is particularly beneficial as the roads tend to be less hazardous in summer and a more lightweight tyre could be more comfortable.


The drivetrain is integral to the overall function of your bike, so it would be a good idea to check that your cables don’t need replacing and any replacement gravel bike parts are still in good working condition.


If your gravel bike has a drop bar, you might want to change the handlebar tape if it’s looking grotty or has any mud and grime in it. Summer gives you the chance to take more pride in your bike’s appearance so not only will new handlebar tape help with grip, but it will also look nicer.


Check all the bearings are in order whether they need to be replaced just in case they have worn out over winter – personal judgement is always your call as you know how recently you have used your bike. You may also want to check nuts and bolts are tightened to the correct torque as all bolts have a recommended torque and of course, you can use a wrench to help you.


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