More Cycling Tips for Summer

Enjoy the warmer weather with our reminders for how to get the most out of summer cycling. Whether you have a gravel bike to prep for a day out or you need to double-check your mountain bike parts ahead of summer forays on off-road trails, a quick browse of some seasonal tips will put you in prime position when the sunshine arrives.

Wear SPF Protection

It might seem obvious, but when you’re in the heat of the moment (literally and figuratively) you can spend hours exposed to UV rays in the outdoors. Even though you are not sunbathing deliberately, your skin still needs the protection of sun-cream and getting into the habit before your first ride decreases your chances of developing a red nose as the summer months go by.

Carry Spare Parts

As the seasoned cyclist you are, we are sure you know the importance of carrying spare mountain bike parts. While you might think more cautiously in the winter months, the increase of cyclists lapping up the summer weather leads to more disturbed terrain. As such, having spare derailleur hangers and innertubes with you when you cycle is a smart move.

Isotonic Sports Drinks

When it comes to hydration, nothing beats water… except for sports drinks containing electrolytes. Designed specifically to effectively replace the fluid you lose during exercise; you should consider experimenting with these drinks to see if you prefer them to water. Aim for 2-4 litres per day!

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