Kona Hanger 147

Kona Hanger 147
Fits Bikes  
Abra Cadabra 2012-2013¹
Big Kahuna 2011-2013¹
Cadabra 2012-2013¹
Coco 2015
Dew Deluxe 2015
Dew Plus 2015
Dewey 2015
Esatto, Esatto D, DDL 2015
Hei Hei 2-9 2012-2013¹
HEI HEI 2-9 Deluxe 2012-2013¹
HEI HEI 2-9 Supreme 2012-2013¹
Jake 2011-2015*
Jake The Snake 2011-2015*
Kahuna 2011
Kilquea 2010
King Kahuna 2012-2013¹
King Kahuna Team 2012¹
Kula 2010
Kula Deluxe 2010
Kula Primo 2003-2007
Kula Supreme 2007
Kula Supreme 2010
Lisa RD 2010-2011
Major Jake 2004-2010
Major Major 2007
P.H.D. 2010
Process 2013¹
Process Deluxe 2013¹
Rove AL 2015
Super Dew 2010
Super Jake 2014-2015
The King 2003
Zing 2010-2011
Zing 2014-2015
Zing Deluxe 2010-2011 Hanger 147 FrontZone 2014-2015
Derailleur hangers are the most helpful component on a bike. Derailleurs are small pieces of metal that are attached to the rear axle of your bike, they are designed to absorb any impact and strain that would be focused on the frame of the bike. These handy mountain bike components can also be known as mech hangers, mech dropouts, cast hangers, mountain bike hangers and hanger dropouts. Carrying a spare derailleur is essential because rear mech dropouts can break at any given time, whether you are close to home or not! By carrying a spare replacement derailleur, you are able to change your broken derailleur over and get riding again, with little inconvenience caused. If you continue to ride your bike with a broken or damaged derailleur, it will damage the frame, costing more money in the long run. Mech dropout 147 is suitable for various Argon 18, Basso, Battaglin, BH, BMC, Boardman, Bottechhia, Carrera, Cinelli, De Rosa, Devinci, Falter, Fetish, Focus, Foundriest, Foundry, Fuji, Haibike, Hoy, Intec, Issac, Kalkoff, Kestrel, Kettler, KHS, Kona, Kuota, Leopard, Levrier, Litespeed, Marin, Masi, Massi, MBK, Moto Be Cane, Mtn Equipment Co-op, Muesing, Orro, Planet X, Principia, Raleigh, Redline, Ribble, Ridley, Rocky Mountain, Scattante, Scrapper, Simplon, Sinus, Staiger, Steppenwolf, Stevens, Stork, Titus, Tommanso, Unovelo, Velo Vie, Viner, Viper, Willer, Winora and Zoulou bike frames. If you’re unsure of which specific model it’s compatible for, contact the BETD team. At BETD, we believe in manufacturing great quality products which is why all of our derailleur hangers are CNC machined from 6082 T6 aluminium. All of our derailleurs have superior strength, amazing durability and great shifting, and come in a classic black anodised finish to suit any bike. BETD derailleurs are your robust and premium, yet affordable upgrade from a standard cast hanger. We are proud to say that all of our mech hangers are manufactured and designed right here in the UK, Stoke-on-Trent. We pride ourselves in saying we have been in the biking industry for over 20 years, so we know our products inside and out. With a selection of over 400 mech hangers, we are certain you’ll find the perfect fit for your bike. If you are unsure as to which derailleur hanger will suit your bike, feel free to drop us an email, give us a call or message us on live chat and social media. We are always available for on-hand advice, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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