How to Improve your Mountain Bike’s Suspension

Why spend hours figuring out how to bolster the suspension on your mountain bike when you can peruse a condensed information piece in the form of our blog? More suspension equals better control over the bumpy terrain your gravel and mountain bike take you across. Our mountain bike parts help you to stay in full control of your vehicle as you already have the skills, you just need the right precision CNC machined components.


Suspension components help your bike to absorb the shock of a particularly uneven part of terrain or unforeseen pothole, so you don’t get thrown off balance – literally and figuratively. If you don’t have any suspension parts in place and still want to enjoy the same type of rides, you risk damaging the frame and other fixed gravel or mountain bike parts. This is because the presence of suspension components help to distribute kinetic energy evenly by absorbing the impact instead of causing other components wear and tear. Our gravel and mountain bike parts help to prolong the life of your existing components and your bike itself.


Suspensions components like Boardman FS Pro 16 help you to travel at greater speed by giving you better bike handling ability and more tyre traction. This dedicated linkage will loosen the head angle to push the front wheel away from the frame as it has been designed to give you a well-founded confidence in speeding downhill. Our high quality Enduro MAX bearings are fitted within it too.


From shock dampers to springs, get in touch with our experts as we are committed to helping you get the best in bike components. We offer next-day delivery if you’ve been invited out for a ride at the last minute or need super-speed delivery due to an unforeseen replacement necessity.


If you have any questions or want to enquire about any of our products, their quality or want to know any further details, please contact us via our website.