Preparing for Winter – Road Bike Parts

Autumn and winter are surprisingly popular times of the year to ride your bike as the heat generated from cycling will keep you warm as you maintain your hobby or exercise routine. Maintenance checks are recommended all year around but preparing your bike for the changing seasons is the smartest move you can make.

Bike lights are the most pertinent part of winter bike preparation to consider. Under UK law, all road cyclists must have a white front light and red rear light fitted to their bike when riding in the evening. Different lights have different kinds of batteries, and you will already know which type of light you prefer. However, it’s worth noting recent rechargeable lights have a battery life indication tool and some lights also have a colour-changing LED indicator, which can make your maintenance checks easier.

Now extreme weather is becoming increasingly commonplace and unfortunately, evermore unpredictable, you want to ensure your wheels are going to stand up to cold weather. Durability is needed given the fact you will be cycling on the road, so choosing bigger tyres will protect your inner tube and prevent punctures you desperately want to avoid.

Mudguards are known for their practice purpose triumphing over aesthetic appeal. The winter months are certainly the right time to prioritise functionality as the chances of roads being covered in mud and rainwater are set to be inevitable. Plus, you can always customise mudguards and you will be popular with other cyclists nearby as you prevent your bike from splashing mud onto their beloved bikes.

As you perform a maintenance check with winter in mind, surveying your bike chain for signs of wear and tear should be high on the list of priorities. If you dismiss this facet of your checks, you may face difficulty when changing gears and since visibility is likely to be compromised by the lack of sunshine, smooth transitions are important. The chain and cassette are likely to incur wear and tear simultaneously, so by checking both at the same time, you prevent incurring two-fold expenditure.

If you are preparing your bike for the road in winter weather and need replacement components, peruse our products to find the right replacement for you. Our experts at BETD also help where needed by reviewing the clear picture you send in and matching your component with one of our expertly engineered components. Contact us for any further information.