The Fort William World Cup

As many of you may know the Fort William World Cup is coming up! On the 3rd and 4th of June bikers and biking team will come together and compete for a variety of awards. Its an exhilarating experience for bike fanatics not just because of the close competition but because of the flocks of people who arrive bearing a fantastic amount of knowledge for you to talk about!

The competition

There are several events taking place for everyone to enjoy. Qualifying will be held at Fort Williams as well as the final and award ceremonies. Some of the competitions available to watch are: the downhill and 4x pro tour. The downhill men’s champion Greg Minaar and women’s champion Rachel Atherton will be hoping to make it a third year in a row that they have walked away from Fort William as a champion! Elsewhere at the 4x pro tour you’ll be able to catch stars from the entire world competing to claim the championship. The competition is always exciting and unmissable.

The Social

Vast amounts of people attend Fort William and that would not happen if the only thing on offer was some stiff competition. The social aspect of the event is incredible boasting not only enthusiastic attendants but also points of interest all around and a variety of eateries to choose from.

A Final Word

Be sure to check out the event on their website here and if you want to book tickets then follow the link here! The event is always fantastic and we highly recommend you get involved.