The Benefits of Cycling for Adolescents

Adolescence is a difficult time in a person’s life. Everything appears in black and white; hormones are racing and there is a lot of surplus energy that needs to be dispelled. It’s also the chance for childhood interests to become more committed hobbies. For emerging adults who are interested in knowing their mountain bike chainrings from their derailleur hangers, here are the ways in which getting their cycling helmet on will help them as they grow into the people they will become.


Bonding Activity


The bond between a child and their parents changes dramatically in adolescence. New depths of feeling are emerging as their eyes are set upon new adventures and their priorities turn towards their friends and potential love interests. Parental support is still needed however, so a hobby such as mountain biking with your dad is a surreptitious way of maintaining your connection as physiologically speaking, people bond over shared activities. It also removes the one-word answers you might otherwise get if you attempt to have a deep conversation directly!


Feel Good Chemicals


This is in part due to the endorphin rush cycling brings. If you take your teenager out on an off-road trail after cleaning your mountain bike chainrings together to ensure their safety, the feel-good chemical reward of such a sporting activity will bring you closer together. Teenagers are known for mood swings so mitigation of the darker moods that can take over their mind is preferable, especially if they have mental health issues such as anxiety or depression.


In addition to providing temporary relief from high feelings of stress, regular exercise can prevent a tendency towards low moods from becoming full-blown depression. The earlier a teenager gets into healthy habits such as cycling, the more comfortable with self-responsibility they will feel. Particularly if they choose to commute via bike once they begin full-time work or cycle as part of a friendship group on the weekends, where the need to properly check and maintain bike components such as road bike bearings, mountain bike chainrings and other vital components protects them from harm.


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