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Middleburn Cable Oilers

Our Middleburn Cable Oilers are designed to be fitted to the gear and brake cables of a bike to make maintenance quicker and easier. For consistently smooth riding, regular cleaning and lubrication of these cables is necessary and with cable oilers this process couldn’t be simpler. Just move the O ring out of its groove and along the cable and apply a lubricant, before rolling the O ring back to seal the lubrication hole. Regular lubrication will improve gear and brake function and increase cable lifespan so that you can continue riding with precision and safety, for longer.

These specialised bike components are CNC-machined beautifully and have the added benefit of being super lightweight which makes it easier to maintain running transmissions, particularly in the winter months. These bike cable oilers make removal of grit and grime easy, mitigating the need for an entire cable removal and allowing riders to perform an accurate and high-quality maintenance job in seconds.