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Middleburn Chainring Bolts

BETD is now the home of Middleburn chainring bolts and these components perform the very important job of securing the chainring to the chainset or spider and need to hold tight for hassle-free riding. Nobody wants to hear squeaking, rattling or shaking from their chainring bolts every time they pedal and so finding the correct fixtures for a snug fit is key when replacing this element.  While they may be another bike part that people often don’t notice, over time, the repeated movement of the medals can work them loose while the weather and wetter riding conditions can result in the corrosion of chainring bolts. The number of chainring bolts yo require will vary based on the chainset design but is usually four or five. Make sure to check the material, length and number of bolts necessary for your bike’s setup and order what you need from our range.